Great Lakes Bay Health Centers


My name is Brenda Coughlin.  I am the President and CEO of Health Delivery, Inc., soon to be Great Lakes Bay Health Centers.  I am also a family physician.  I have been taking care of patients on Janes Street across the street from Mission In The City for 18 years.  Mission In The City has had such a positive impact on our inner city community!  The lawns nearby are mowed.  A community garden enriches the neighborhood and provides healthy, fresh foods for our community.  Kids can play and learn in the fenced in, safe, well-kept park with basketball courts, a playground and a summer day program for kids to stay active, learn and be safe.  A recovery class helps dozens of people conquer addictions to drugs and alcohol.  People who need a suit for an interview are able to find appropriate clothes to help them find a job.  A free monthly medical clinic evaluates people’s medical needs and helps people without insurance.  The community is much safer with Mission In The City, and our donations are well used to make our community better.  Great Lakes Bay Health Centers are honored to be community partners with Mission In The City and make a positive impact in our community.

Brenda Coughlin, MD, MPH, FAAFP

President and CEO