Community Needs



This program is designed to help our community families by providing support and assistance with basic material needs. The program is designed to be part of a broad system of community-development programs that connect people to resources and gives them hope to lead a better life. Participation in the program is through referrals. We work with other collaborative partners who send people to us for this service. Our goal is to provide families with clothing, personal care items, and basic household items. We partner with Bed, Bath, and Beyond and members of the church and other organizations to give hope to people who are struggling and seeking assistance.

We receive five to six calls a week asking for help and support. The program is structured so individuals first meet with the community needs director. Next the recipient has to fill out a request card and wait for an appointment to come in for assistance. We have other resource partners to pitch in if we can’t help them, such as the United Way and other churches who work with us to make good things happen for people in need. We are always willing to work with anyone to make a positive difference in the community. We have assist over 150 families with personal and household items annually. We also use this program to help people who are getting out of prison to get a fresh start.