Mission In The City




This program is an attempt to reach people in the community who have hurts, habits, and hang-ups that are destroying their lives. The goal is to bring them back into the community and help them overcome their addictions by replacing them with something more positive. Many of our recovery participants are now serving as leaders in the church and community. This program has reached over fifty community people who gather weekly for a time of sharing, learning, and encouragement.

There are people in every community who need help with addictions that they can’t overcome alone. Many of them feel no one cares. I prayed and asked God if He would send these people our program. As a result we are seeing more and more people weekly and many lives are being transformed. As a mission we can’t run completion with the world, but when we hear people talking about what they have been delivered from, we win. There are no substitutes for changed lives. People from all over the city are finding deliverance from different kinds of addictions, such as overeating, lying, smoking, or drinking. We celebrate with them as they recover and become restored back into the community. Some have been so successful that they have been appointed to be leaders in the church and in the recovery program to help others.


Every Monday Evening


Meals are provided

Recovery Leadership Team

James York, Director


William Simmons

Debra Henry

Located inside of New Life Baptist Church, 1401 Janes Avenue in Saginaw. For more information please call 989-753-1151 ask for Mr. James York.