Community Testimonials

Pastor Otis Dickens – New Beginning Ministries. I am so grateful to work with the golfing outing program of Mission In The City under the leadership of Pastor Rufus Bradley Sr. The impact of the mission has been tremendously impactful throughout the city of Saginaw making continually improvement as the years go by….. I am proud to be a team player with this mission.

Delena Spates-Allen – As an employee of Saginaw Future Inc., the economic development organization for Saginaw County and a lifelong resident of the City of Saginaw it is my desire to assist with the restoration of our community.  Because of my love and compassion for the people of Saginaw it is very much my desire to partner with people and organizations whose mission is about restoration and making an impact on people lives that can never be erased and by working with Mission In The City I can be part of helping make this happen.

Drayne S. Terry -The connection that I have with Mission In The City was developed through a long time relationship that I have shared with the First lady of New Life Ministries, Mrs. Relinda Bradley.  From time to time she would share some of the positive developments and opportunities that Rev. Bradley was focused on creating within the City and how committed he was to this endeavor.  Understanding the vision and the end result has been extremely enlightening, refreshing and impressive.  To have someone within our community care enough about others to work so hard and diligently to bring life back to community is very praiseworthy.As part of the planning committee for the first upcoming golf outing I am excited and expecting an overwhelming response and an overflow of support!

Rick Smith – I first became involved with The Mission In The City program through my meeting Pastor Rufus Bradley at Center Courts in Saginaw Township. Where we would meet in passing on the walking track and would talk of many subjects from God, golf, and the weather. He often had on a Mission in the City t-shirt. I asked him about the t-shirt and he gave me the info on the purpose of the program.

After many months of walking, talking, and golfing. Pastor Rufus asked me to join his efforts to put together a golf outing to help support the Mission In The City program. I told him that I’m a God fearing man and that I have no real skills in this endeavor but I support his efforts in bringing people to a program that does so much good for so many.

On our first meeting of the Mission In The City golf outing. I was greeted by people gathering for a meal and fellowship. I waited there till I found the planning group for the outing. While I waited I noticed the people there. I was not sure if they were there for a 12 step program, community needs program or just the meal and fellowship.Whatever the purpose was, the Mission In The City programs were there at work for all those people. That’s when I knew that the outing we were about to plan was really for the people of the community and all their needs and I am so proud to be part of the team.

Tom Coughlin – While living in Frankenmuth, I heard about problems on Saginaw’s east side, I’ve wanted to help, but I never knew how I could until I found Mission In The City.  Volunteering with this organization has made me feel that I can help change lives in Saginaw.

I know that when I volunteer with Mission In The City, the programs will be safe for the participants and for the volunteers.  I know that the money I donate will be used in a prudent way, and that it will go to help the people who need it most.  Mission In The City works to change lives, and I’m so proud to be one of their community partners.