Mission In The City



The idea behind the basketball opportunities is to hear the sound of recreation flowing back into the community. Our community basketball program is designed to help build good health and long-lasting relationships. Basketball gives the youth an opportunity to burn energy and to release frustration in a safe environment.

A professional basketball player held a rally for the youth at Saginaw Valley State University called, “Man Up.” A question was asked to this effect: “What makes the youth so angry?” and “How can they control their anger?” A young man about seventeen years of age, from whom I was sitting across from said, “If we had a safe place to play basketball and some people to work with us, we wouldn’t be angry. We are angry because people act like they don’t care about us.”

Our goal is to offer supervised community basketball and other sports activities 7 days a week including but not limited to: Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Kick ball, Playground for toddlers and more, and to provide professional people and volunteers to help.  We run a structured program designed to connect the youth from across the county with recreational opportunities that are fun and challenging. Therefore, we present something different every day to keep the excitement.

Day by Day Program Activity Structure

Monday… we offer 3 on 3 half court basketball tournaments on all courts.

Tuesday….we offer a free throw shooting contest, three point shooting and skill challenge along with some full court basketball.

Wednesday – Is a day for families to come together with their children for recreation, games and activities of their choice or they can use the ones above.

Thursday– Is kid court 6-12. Our goal is to get the community ball players to work with young people and teach them the basic fundamentals of sports.

Friday – Open Court full of half for all.

Saturday– 3 on 3 half court and full court basketball.

Sunday — Full or half court basketball.

Security people:

The security handles the park entrance sign in sheet, the park rules and oversee safety for the people.

Serve Team Leader at every court to:

This team sign up players, keep scores, record the winners, announce whose next, inform the players of the park rules, and oversee the health and safety of their assigned court.